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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Auditions, Auditions, Auditions!

Alrighty, so this week has been a very busy week for me...I went on two auditions one for a short film being feauterd in a festival which was on monday and the other for a staged play that was today. I still have two more coming up, the third one is another staged play on friday and my fourth audition was for an acting studio but that got rescheduled due to what? Of course the yucky weather! Let me tell you, it was really annoying walking through that wet snow today, and you all know how much I hate the snow. But it didn't effect my focus, I think my audition went well today, for someone who hasn't been auditioning for about 2 yrs and getting back into it I think Im doing well. Of course Im crossing my fingers and hope something comes out of these auditions but you know there is always gonna be another one lined up. Well Im gonna keep positive and I know my mom is cheering me on! Be safe in that nyc snow everyone!

peace and love

Saturday, February 13, 2010


So on a lighter note, I just saw the production of MEMPHIS on bdway today and its was just wonderful! Everyone was amazing and it just inspired me to keep focusing on my dream. If you never heard of the show or haven't seen any commercials about it, check it out on or just google it. I saw the show with my two older sisters and my father and from beginning to end we were entertained. I enjoyed the fact that it touched on a number of topics; race, class, dreams, etc. It was just very well executed and I would definitely recommend this show to be seen. There are soo many other shows I want see, maybe the next will be Fela! Heard great reviews for that as well :)

Peace and love

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian luger

I'm extremely saddened on how this young man's life was just taken from him. However, I'm also very disgusted on how his death was replayed onstantly. Its one thing to announce someone tragically dieing but its another to be showing his death over again. I can only imagine how his family must feel. I found out about his death when I was at work today, I couldn't hold back the tears. I just thought about how his parents or siblings or any family members or friends must have felt when watching his death being replayed. As someone who lost my mother 8 months ago due to a sudden heart attack I can understand their pain and sorrow. I just want Kumaritashvili's family to know that they are in my prayers and I am sorry this had to happen to their son. Though I had no clue who he was I'm sure you were very proud of him and his spirit will live on! Just as I know my mother is watching me, he will too.

Peace and love

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, I had my whole day planned out today 2/10. Go to my voice lesson at 1pm, straighten my hair and then go to my last day of my on-camera commercial class. Well, none of that happened today. There was a misunderstanding about my voice lesson, I wasn't on the written schedule but I did receive a confirmation e-mail that my time was set for 1pm. But it is ok, things happen, people make mistakes. But I wont be able to attend the Heights audition tomorrow. However, things do happen for a reason and maybe me not having my voice lesson was a sign that I wasn't fully ready to audition for this great show? Well after this experience I'm going to work on my craft and just get ready for the next Heights audition.

Then I was like ok I'm just gonna go home now, do my hair and get ready for my last day of acting class. I get an e-mail, class has been cancelled because of the SNOW! Ugh! I was a lil upset but you know the weather is very bad, I was just out there trying not to be blown away sooo its best that I just stay at home. This way I can submit to some acting gigs, maybe do some laundry, cuddle with tootsie and just relax! Nothing good comes out of your day when there is crazy snow :-/
Peace and love

Snow Snow Go Away...

Please come back another day! Ugh what is with this snow that we are having today 2/10. I really hope this will not effect any upcoming auditions that are happening this week!? You know I think snow is very pretty and blah blah but after that its just gross. Yes I will admit my dog Tootise is one of the culprits that makes that beautiful white snow into yellow slush that doesn't look very appealing! And its like once that snow melts it unveils all the lil presents that were left by everybodys pets. Not Tootsie of course, we always "try" to pick up her presents :) Well lets hope it melts fast and hopefully after February it will be a lot warmer! Cause this boo needs the sun and warm weather back in her life!
Love and Peace

Long time!

So I haven't written much in the past weeks...we are already in February!! The months are just going by so fast!! So what has been new with me?? Well, I did a days work on 30 Rock on Monday 2/1 which was just a blast! Tina Fey and Jason Sudeikis where filming a scene...not gonna spill too much cause that would just be telling too much info :) But it was a great experience, Tina was just adorable! Everyone from 30 Rock was just really nice, they fed us a lot which was just great! I would definitely work with them again, just let me know when you boos are ready for me!!
Peace and Love