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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keep Going!

So the agent I'm freelancing with called me yesterday letting me know that I have an audition for a commercial today at 10am. I asked her about the applesauce commercial and she found out yesterday that they went with someone else. I wasn't too upset, but I was happy to know that they were interested. That's the thing with this profession you got to keep going! You can't get so caught up with one audition, it's great to imagine the possibilities with booking that gig but if it doesn't work out there's always the next one. I will update y'all about how this audition goes today, wish me luck!!!

peace & love!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Acting Career

Since I took a little time out on my career I'm back and ready to go. I believe the last post I made discussed me working with a Manager, well that did not fall through. I was extremely torn to sign with her because it had been a month since I met her and she didn't call me or anything for auditions. However, she did feel the need to send out a MASS e-mail to all her clients and let us know who went out to what audition and such. She even hated my headshots, but that was the last straw. I just feel if you are going to be my manager you need to be telling me what I'M going out for not what others are doing. This is NOT a group project! So I'm very happy I did not sign with her, but the CD that has been calling me in since I took her class in December referred me to a non-union agent and the agent called me in for a commercial audition! Shooting for the commercial is next week, I'm hoping I got it cause after my audition the agent called me last week asking what my availability was for the week of shooting. So lets cross our fingers!!!!

Peace and Love

Its been a While!!

So as some may notice I have been very lazy with my blogging...but I was super busy for the month of June-July. I went to Athens, Greece with my Father the first week of June which was an AMAZING experience! I have tons of pictures but here is one with my father and I on the roof top of our hotel, in the back you can see the Acropolis (we took a tour over there so I have more pics). Also, on June 22nd it was the one year anniversary of my Mothers Passing. My sisters and I went to Indiana, where our dad teaches and lives now, and we just made that week a celebration of our mothers wonderful spirit. We just decided to take that trip and remember all of our exciting road trips we had in the past with our mom. Words can't describe how much I miss her everyday but its because of her I am taking this journey and focusing on my acting career. I love you mummie, rest in peace.

Peace and Love