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Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't forget about my show!!!

I highly recommend everyone to come see my show AND call to make reservations! Its gonna sell out fast! Its open bar everyone!!! Who doesn't want to come to a off-off Broadway show and have a party at the same time!? You all are gonna luv it! Once again it's at The 45th Street Theatre and you can call (212) 340-1039 for reservations!! Performance dates are March 20th and 27th at 9pm!!
Peace and Love!

TRU Audition

So I ran across this event on and figured why not attend. Pretty much you perform two monologues or a monologue/song in front of about 60 industry guests (agents, casting directors, etc.) The price for non-members was $45 which isn't too bad. So I got my confirmation email that I have been accepted in the event and they will let me know what my time slot is on March 27th. I'm really excited about this, because this whole acting biz is about networking and meeting/greeting new people and just getting your name out there! So wish me luck boos! :)
Peace and Love

Lisa Gold Industry Networking Party

On March 4th my acting buddy Anita invited me to an industry party that Lisa Gold hosts every Thursday of each month. I had a blast at this event. I met about 3 0r 4 industry people and they were all very nice. I didn't have business cards so I gave them my postcards, lol, I guess the next thing on my to do list would be business cards right? But anyway, the party was at a restaurant called B. Smiths. Lisa had raffle contests so it wasn't just walking around and meeting people she had some great gifts she was raffling off, unfortunately I didn't win anything but I will probably attend the next party! In this picture it is me, Anita and Lorrie :)
Peace and Love

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tootsie is getting Spayed

How tragic...I have been avoiding this day for 4 years, and the time has come. Tootsie David-West will be getting spayed tomorrow March 2, 2010. I will be dropping her off at the animal hospital today, I am soo nervous for her but everyone has assured me that this is the best thing for her and it will keep her healthier. I always wanted to breed Tootsie but that would have been a lot of work and potentially dangerous to my lil baby. Im sure she will be fine but Im gonna be soo happy when this procedure is done and over with! Here's a pic of my lil boo :) she is just too adorable!

Peace and love

This Boo Got cast in a Show!

Yes!!! So all my hard work paid off last week with the auditions and callbacks. I got cast in "Sex, Relationships and Sometimes...Love" which is a monologue show. I had such an amazing time at the audition and callback and I am just sooo thankful that my family and friends where extremely supportive through out! I haven't worked or been in any plays in about 3 years so just getting back into it and getting cast in a nyc based show is such an accomplishment. I know this can and will lead to greater things...Im just gonna go through this run, be positive and professional and hope more things will come out for me :) And even though my mom isn't here, I wanna thank her for keeping me soo strong! I wish she was physically here to see me grow but I know shes with me in spirit! This is dedicated to my mom, lovicka you mummie!

peace and love