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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Acting Career

Since I took a little time out on my career I'm back and ready to go. I believe the last post I made discussed me working with a Manager, well that did not fall through. I was extremely torn to sign with her because it had been a month since I met her and she didn't call me or anything for auditions. However, she did feel the need to send out a MASS e-mail to all her clients and let us know who went out to what audition and such. She even hated my headshots, but that was the last straw. I just feel if you are going to be my manager you need to be telling me what I'M going out for not what others are doing. This is NOT a group project! So I'm very happy I did not sign with her, but the CD that has been calling me in since I took her class in December referred me to a non-union agent and the agent called me in for a commercial audition! Shooting for the commercial is next week, I'm hoping I got it cause after my audition the agent called me last week asking what my availability was for the week of shooting. So lets cross our fingers!!!!

Peace and Love

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